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Getting around St. Thomas

Taxis - expensive

Safari Buses - exciting

Pirate Taxis - (independent drivers)

Car Rentals - get full coverage


Transportation 'On Island'
Planes, Boats and Safari Buses

The ride from the airport to your accommodations in St Thomas will be expensive. From $10- to $30- each for a shared van with 12 people. They load the vans by destination but there may be 5 different hotels in that area. (another option is to pay the standard taxi fee of $100- from the airport to any location on the island)
So sit back and make some friends. You will meet some interesting travelers. From the young couples having St. Thomas weddings to the older couples having their annual Virgin Island vacations.

Regular taxis are mostly vans. Rates are fixed but my experience is that there is lot's of room for negotiations. $5- for a short ride (always per person) to $15- for a long trip.

If you want to stock up your condo for a couple weeks then here's a good option; Take the safari bus to the 'mall'. On one end is a K-Mart and on the other end is the Plaza Extra - the big grocery store. Feel free to fill up an entire shopping cart (and empty an entire wallet). When you roll your shopping cart out the door you will be approached by independent (unlicensed) taxi drivers. Negotiate to around $15- for you and all the groceries direct to your condo!

Virgin Island Safari Buses

This is like a carnival ride. Open buses carrying mostly locals and the more experienced tourists. They stop at most of the major locations from the cruise ship port at Havensight to Red Hook to the mall. An interesting fact is that they travel in a loop, but only in one direction - clockwise. So, depending on how valuable your time is you may need to take a taxi in one direction. Just flag one down and hop on. Get off at any stop and then pay the driver $1- (best deal on the island)