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Search Engine Optimization is a separate specialty from web development

Keyword analysis is the foundation of SEO

Organic optimization is the second step

Improving rankings is an ongoing effort

Never use automated submission tools

Don't 'keyword spam' the search engines

Use an SEO professional to achieve results

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Getting listed on this website

This website is operated by, a search engine optimization firm. The main purpose of this site is to provide additional optimization and page rank help to some of our varied clients in the USVI.

In general, these listings are free. We don't charge anything unless you would like a featured ad or some specific marketing services. Many of the companies listed are not clients. They may be somewhere we have visited while on our USVI vacation. If we liked them I included their information on this site. Having them included on our site helps in our overall site rankings at the major search engines - good for everyone !

If you are interested in being listed on this site then send us a note. We also do website development and updating based on solid SEO tactics.

Information on our website marketing services and Search Engine Optimization can be found at our main website;

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We hope your website is bringing you lots of business. If you would like a boost feel free to contact us to discuss our services.

May your website bring you business while you sleep!
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